HIPPE manufactures laminates and composites based on paper as well as on cotton, glass, carbon and aramid fabrics.

Our sheets, tubes and cylindrical rods are produced with phenolic, epoxy, silicone, melamine, polyester and polyimide resins. And as we produce our own resins, we can supply tailor-made products to our customers. With their outstanding expertise in materials, our engineers can turn your ideas into reality using the optimum plastic for your product.

“There is only one proof of ability – action.”

− Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


A vast amount of specialized knowledge is necessary for producing the optimum plastic for a particular application. The ever increasing complexity of our production methods calls for a precise synthesis of materials, processes and systems. We are specialists in the production and processing of high-quality industrial plastics and so our customers benefit from our engineering and materials competence plus highly advanced processing technologies.

HIPPE is one of the few plastics processing companies that also produces its own high-performance plastics and hence operates with an independent production chain that enables us to offer unique solutions from a single source. As we are not dependent on others, we have been able to develop an outstanding range of products distinguished by materials’ properties to meet customers’ specifications, minimum delivery times and optimum value for money.