Continuous development – that has distinguished HIPPE ever since the company was founded in Dresden by Erhard Hippe in 1935. But apart from the move to Hannover, one thing has not changed: our ambitious goal of producing plastics with only the very highest quality.

HIPPE sets itself a very clear target: 100% satisfaction among its customers. Close, constructive cooperation between our departments is essential if we are to supply those customers with the best quality at fair prices.

Through our unconditional commitment we are able to supply not only a broad and interesting range of products, but also respond to specific customer requests concerning thermoset laminates, and find and produce tailor-made solutions for the industry.

Concentrating ours skills, likewise the excellent deployment of every single employee, has turned us into one of the leading companies in the production of plastics. This fact is revealed in our customer-centric approach and practical orientation.



A new production plant with up-to-date production and management facilities covering 8,400 m² was opened in 1995. And 2013 has seen us begin using the 5,000 m² of our new R&D centre for the production of glass-fibre-reinforced laminates.

The synergy of a knowledge in materials that has grown over many years plus the latest technologies enables us to supply our customers with the materials they need in the very best quality – in small or large batches and even at short notice.

Our large complement of moulding machinery means that we are also able to offer special dimensions at reasonable prices in order to solve particular design issues. Combining the various substrates with the most diverse matrix materials plus selected additives is the answer to providing the optimum type of material for virtually any application.



A new plant was built in Hildesheim in 1985 – a forward-looking move for our innovative production. Substantial and systematic investments over recent decades have provided the operations in Hildesheim with highly advanced processing technologies covering an area of 9,500 m² and containing more than 120 machines.

This plant undertakes the lathe, drilling and milling work for both one-offs and large batches – from the simplest to the most challenging parts, with perfect repeatability and positioning accuracy.

We achieve this perfection with the expertise gained over many years and by using the latest production technologies.